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Build up your understanding and signing skills 

We offer two different options to suit the learners’ needs: either via an online platform, or in the classroom; from BSL Level 3 to BSL Level 6.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to obtain qualifications from an accredited body, ie Signature.

Additional Signworld online resources, including Fingerspelling packages, are provided with both options.

One to One Tutorials

Technology-enhanced learning at your convenience

We offer specialist one to one tutorials, via an online platform to enhance your experience or to perfect your skills.

Lessons are adapted to your needs and desires, so you can progress at your pace and with confidence!

Roleshift, Placement & BSL order
Moving toward to more cultural BSL
Fingerspelling (receptive & productive)
Revising for exams
Lack in confidence with BSL
Minimising English lip patterns


To help you meet your requirements 

Our private lessons allow you to achieve your BSL learning specifically in relation to your work.

Our BSL tailored packages can be a short lesson, longer lessons, or even intensive courses.

It doesn’t have to involve an assessment at the end, but you will receive a certificate of accreditation by Signworld. 



Imagine having the ability to study for your sign language qualification around what’s happening in your life right now. Imagine the ability to combine face to face lessons with some online learning or even a completely online qualification. With us, this is no longer something that you need to imagine. We can offer just that.


” The ability to adapt so that learning can carry on as normal as possible has been phenomenal. ”

Helping you achieve success

The more that you learn BSL, the more information you will know, the more that you learn, the more you achieve you’ll go far with this language.